Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Work in Progress

I am not an art student as such and I don't usually 'copy' other artists, or other photographers. Student or not, I am still learning all the time. So I feel there are occasions when copying teaches me something. This is a case in point. A work that I am undertaking, in order to force my hand and to change my artistic direction.

It is inspired by the work of Tina Morgan, who lives and works in the delightful West Country of England. Among other subject matter, Tina paints the most appealing, back-lit (contre jour) beach scenes that I have come across of late. She works in a fairly loose, impressionistic manner; although a viewer can see at a glance what her pictures represent; and ( to me), what she is trying to say.

If I succeed in producing a picture that even approaches her standard, then I'll be satisfied that I can change my artistic direction. So here is the first stage of a beach scene. This is an acrylic under-painting, painted on Arches 300lb watercolour paper, primed with acrylic primer and mounted onto 6mm thickness MDF. (Medium Density Fibreboard) The overall size is 22 inches by 16 inches.
I found the Arches, rough watercolour paper to be robust enough to stand up to hogs hair brushes and a fairly vigorous 'attack'. At the same time, the surface of the paper shows through the thinner under-painting and adds to the overall effect. Much better than painting a thick coat of primer, leaving brush-marks, which never look convincing, especially in smaller sized pictures. The picture here is to be finished in oils.

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