Saturday, June 28, 2008

A further stage in the development of the 'WIP' . The first application of oil has gone on and is now drying on the easel.

The background is being built up and should anyone think I am using 'metallic' oils, then the glitter effect is merely back-flash from the camera. The yellow I used for the partially hidden sun and its refections isn't right to my eyes, so I think I shall be going for Naples yellow when I can next get onto the painting.

The horizon isn't straight, I know, but that's the beauty of oils. I can redress it later, when I give the sea more treatment for depth of field and colour.

I want to do a few more similar painting, but I must gather my own sketches and photographs to interpret; even work 'plein air'. So, I am looking forward to visiting the coast again. I served in the Royal Navy for ten years, and it's been so long since I actually saw the waves. I really believe I am pining for my 'Mistress', the Cruel Sea!


tracey said...

Hi John - just moseyed on over from artforums to view some of your work - great blog - and Wow!!! This picture is beautiful! Love the sky - the colours you've used are absolutely stunning!!! Of to look at some more of your work now - can't wait to see your new website by the way:)

trace x

John Walker said...

Thanks Tracey,

That's kind of you. I hope it looks okay when finished! I am busy loading up pictures, but the website is proving difficult!