Sunday, March 09, 2008

Back to Painting?

I have been kicking my heels with my writing... I haven't given up, but I was persuaded to go back to my painting ways... I work in oil, watercolour, pastel and acrylic - not much of acrylic lately. No particular reason, although I find the colours somewhat garish.

I even started to build a web-site, but the task appears to be beyond me. Unless it's my nerve that's failing me. After all, at 69, I should be putting my feet up; yet I can't abide idleness.

Still this blogging idea bugs me; mystifies me... I just can't see how it's of any use. I see others doing great, yet I can't find out how to link with them. I comment on others' blogs, but I never get any return visits, to build up an online circle of blog-pals. Do I need to learn how to market myself?

Well, I am going to try, and I'll find out how to throw pictures at this blog too. Eventually.

So be seeing you all.

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Unknown said...

I think it is very rude of those people that you visit in blogland and they do not respond and visit you and leave a comment.

Don't give up.

A way to get visitors is usually to visit others and you can then link them to your site where you have your links section.

Also at the moment your comments are limited to those who have blogspot blogs - if you change it to 'anybody' you will get more visitors leaving comments.

You might like to add a visitor counter too that way you can see how many people visit - only fraction will take the time who read your blog to leave a comment