Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Still Slogging; and blogging...

Honest! I am still slogging along with the 'Great British Novel'. The GBN? Who am I kidding? I wouldn't care if it was a laundry list, if someone wanted to publish it. Oh heck... that isn't true really.. I would care and I do care that those readers out there get the best I can produce.

I sometimes wonder if that's what holds me back. Am I holding back from finishing anything for fear of success? I am told that is a common dither among unpublished writers. (. The unpublished bit isn't strictly true.) I have had short-stories published over the years, but nothing between hardcovers. So is fear of success my excuse? Is that why I collect so many first chapters; or in the slightly better times, half-developed novels?

But as I said the last time I blogged, blogging might get in the way, so I should be getting on with my book I suppose. After all, if I can admit in public to the fear of success, then what have I to fear about possible rejection?

Come on man.... get on with it...

Happy reading folks

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Unknown said...

Fear of success? On no - don't be. Share you writings with us all.

Success is a wonderful thing - and those who attain it are on another level to us mere mortals.

Talent is a wonderful gift - enjoy it - then when you are famous you can get someone in to do all those jobs around the house that are a distraction LOL