Saturday, April 18, 2009

What happened to Craftcrowd dot com?

I tried to go to Craftcrowd dot com today to update my page, but I couldn't find any trace of the site at all. I found one reference that said it was 'unquantified' and that it wasn't getting enough visitors. It's a little sad, as I had been absent myself due to health problems. I had made some good friends on the site too. Of course, like most such sites we kept in touch through the site itself, rather than through personal emails, so it seems I will lose touch with most of the people I knew.
I am a little glum about that and if anyone knows what happened, or knows me from the site, please leave me a message?
Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

I understand it's closed down. I can't get it now either, (but some people say they can! - Strange).
The cover network (Ning) was going to charge for the site.
A lot of us have joined the Art Class site which was formed because of the demise of Craftcrowd.
Have a look. It seems to be just fine.
Jack Bayes