Thursday, April 16, 2009

'Painting's Progress'

I wanted to try a landscape but in 'Portrait' format. I think it will work out okay. The canvas was primed with a transparent primer and this allows the natural 'hessian' color of the weave to show through. In places, even through the paint layers too, although that isn't so important to me, as having a toned background on which to work.

This might give some idea of how I like to work in oils. Doing things this way gives me options for moving things around. For instance I think the figures might look better slightly to the left. I don't know yet, but in about a fortnight, I hope to have this done.

The canvas is approximately 20 inches by 18 inches and the picture won't be ready for varnishing for up to two years.

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Keith Tilley said...

Hello John.

This should work well I think. The composition looks good to me, although I think you will have to be careful to keep a sense of distance.

It's the slow drying and long wait for varnishing which puts me off oils. With acrylics I can get a painting varnished and ready to sell in a week or so.

I like the photographs you've been showing recently, especially the one of the canal. That would make a nice painting as well.