Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How I work with my watercolours

When I am painting I mix up a good amount of each primary colour before I start. Then as I go, I use a fresh bowl for mixing colours together. I clean the brush before I dip into a fresh colour. I am not over-fussy, but I do believe that keeping a clean brush helps my washes look cleaner. Then again, my eyes aren't the best in the world!

I use tissue by the yard and while painting, I clean the palette by soaking up any mixed colour I don't think I'll use. So I buy kitchen-roll; it's bigger and much more absorbent. I wash the bowls out when I finish and being ceramic, they come up sparkling! These particular bowls are dishwasher and microwave safe, but I'm not discussing cooking!

Tube colours squeezed into the small, 'multi-palette' don't always get used right away, so I cover it with cling-film when I stop work and the colours stay reasonably soft for the next session.

When I am working plein-air, I sometimes use a new colour that I read about. I.e. 'filth', as Ted Wesson called it. I find that in the corners of my sketch-box!

Happy Painting.

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