Sunday, July 15, 2012

Autumn in The Park

Watercolour - Approx (20cm x 15cm )
Painted from a sketch made in Sutton Park, Nr. Birmingham Warwickshire. I don't often work this small, unless I am making watercolour sketches. But this one I liked. I hope you will too. The paper I used is Arches 130lb. rough. A nice paper to work on, well sized, and takes washes, and granulating colours extremely well.


Keith Tilley said...

Hello John. With the wet-in-wet work and the granulation you have made good use watercolour here. It's a nice simple statement of the atmosphere of autumn.

All the best,

Steven Cronin said...

Hi John, where in Sutton Park was this?
Best wishes, Steven.

Unknown said...

Well, I did direct Steven to the spot, but this was such a time ago now, I don't know how he got on!