Thursday, October 08, 2009

Remedies for Mistakes Don't always Work

Swollen River


Wet Fields - Gloucestershire


I found a couple of watercolours in my browser today. The pictures had lost their way, and I wondered if I could rescue them, or maybe at least one. Well, I'll let you be the judge/s. I'm not 100% happy, so I am going to try both of them again, and see what comes of a fresh start.

In a way I think I am experimenting with mixed media here. I was inspired by Keith Tilley, to take it further.. So I checked out Ray Balkwill, the West Country Mixed-media man. I knew of Ray, of course, but suddenly I see a chink of light through the doorway to a slightly different style. I am leaning on that door, just a little, I hope!

Cheers folks and happy painting.


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Keith Tilley said...

Actually, I think both of these are quite nice John. The highlights in the skies look really good. They have more strength of colour and painterly quality than your pure watercolours I think.

I haven't done much mixed-media work, but I often think about rescuing some failed watercolours in this way.

One thing that occurred to me, when I was thinking about this, was how similar it could be to a traditional oil-painting approach - The dark and mid-tone areas could be put in first with transparent washes, then opaque highlights could be put in with the pastels. You could even imitate a toned ground colour by working on coloured paper.