Sunday, March 01, 2009

'The Final Drop' - Krimmel Falls - Austria. August 2003.

This is the final drop of the three levels, which are 380 metres in all. These falls rise in the Krimmel Ache Glacier and for most of the Winter months, so little sunlight reaches them, they are usually frozen. I chose the easier ascent to this fall, but it was the more risky. Just a few metres ahead of me there was a short, but sheer drop into the freezing water. The noise was deafening, but extremely exhilarating. I would definitely go again! The figures on the hill, at the left will give some sense of scale.

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TSL said...

I can't imagine frozen, wow.

btw- I love: We all procrastinate. The problem is, tomorrow is promised to no one.

You are correct, not promised another day!