Saturday, August 23, 2008

I just found an author who is new to me.

The other day I was wandering through the noble halls of "Amazonia". As usual I was looking for something to take me out of myself, or at the least persuade me to suspend my disbelief for a few blessed hours. I came across the work of R.J.Ellory. In light of that statement, what I am about to say might seem strange, because I didn't buy any of his books; yet.

Why not? Because all the reviews on Amazon, were so glowing, my innate suspicion dragged itself from slumber. (I was a Police Officer in a former life, so it's a given that whenever something sounds too good to be true then it usually is.) Also, whenever I buy a much vaunted book it does in fact let me down, maybe 90% of the time. This is so whether the praise comes from professional critics (Is there any such thing?) or amateur reader reviews.

These reviews aren't of much use in forming an idea of whether or not a book would suit me, because the readers, being kindly souls, don't give much plot-detail away and their views are as multi-edged as a rip-saw; at least as far as an author is concerned. (I never understood why Amazon encourage these reviews, which must pour the occasional bucket of ice-water on a likely, hot-purchaser! ) The end-game is that we have to use guesswork with readers' reviews; and they are probably more subjective than a publisher's blurb. To find a more balanced and reliable view, I decided on some judicious surfing ; as opposed to the aimless website-hopping I do; an excuse to procrastinate and avoid getting on with my chores. At 69, I should worry?

I digress... What I have read so far has persuaded me to go out to Waterstones, (is there anywhere else I wonder?) search the shelves for Mr. Ellory's books and do some real-time browsing. So watch this space friends. Also, if you have a literary bent, of the thriller - mystery variety then follow the link I placed in my links section to R.J. Ellory's blog. You should find it interesting.

Thanks for visiting and I'll see you soon.
Take care folks.


Unknown said...

Hi a friend also recommended his books and I remembered reading this from here. Will be interested to hear your views, I bought my first from Waterstones today...:D

John Walker said...

Hi Chrissy,
I still haven't bought one of R.J.Ellory's books, having been somewhat busy preparing paintings for a forthcoming exhibition, with some friends from my local art group. But I am delighted you found his work through my blog, and I hope you get some enjoyment from reading him. All the best and thanks for the comment Chrissy.
Best as ever